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5 Tips for Shopping for Golf Equipment Online

There are so many things you must consider when it comes to shopping for gold equipment online. It is easy to choose the wrong gold equipment if you are not careful. And it is easy to spend lots of money on the wrong online store. To find the best golf equipment online, you must do proper research and use reputable online stores. In this article, you will know the best tips for shopping for golf equipment online.

1. Get the Best Price

It is easy to find golf equipment on the internet. Doing a simple search online gives you a list of the several online stores selling golf equipment. Price comparison is important if you want to get the best price on the internet. It is easy to compare the prices of different online stores and websites. You just visit these websites to check their prices. Then, choose a website with prices that suit your budget.

2. Choose the Right Online Store

As mentioned above, it is easy to find several online golfing stores by doing a simple search on the internet. However, some people select an online store with the cheapest prices. It is important to choose an affordable store. However, you must make sure the online store sells quality golf equipment and has a good reputation. Because some online stores sell low-quality golf equipment that will not last for a long time. Therefore, to get the best golf equipment, choose the right online store.

3. Ask for Recommendations

As a beginner golfer, it is easy to make mistakes when shopping for golf equipment online. Therefore, talk to experienced golfers. They can help you buy the best golf equipment online because they have more experience than you. Do not be afraid to ask them for advice. Many people will understand what you are going through because they went through the same thing. So, most people will be willing to guide you.

4. Customer Reviews

There are so many reputable websites offering critiques of golf equipment. They write in-depth reviews of the different golf equipment, such as golf clubs. It is important to read what the people, who have bought and used the golf equipment, are writing. If you can find genuine reviews on the internet, you will find the best golf equipment. Additionally, you can use the online stores that these websites recommend.

5. Discount Coupons

To save more money, use discount coupons. Many online golfing stores give discount coupons to their customers. Therefore, search for the discount coupons online because there are so many websites, which offer a list of online stores that offer online coupons. If you want to use a particular online golfing store, search for the promotional code or coupon of that store, perhaps at –

In conclusion, shopping for golfing equipment online does not have to be hard. You just have to do proper research. This is because there are so many online golfing stores, which makes it difficult to choose the right store. If you can choose the right online store, you will get the best golf equipment. Make sure the online store has affordable prices.


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Best Golf Courses On The Emerald Isle

Ireland is renowned for the sheer beauty of its countryside. From the rugged coastline to an interior of rolling parkland, brooding castles and towering crags it is a place that has inspired poets, writers, artists – and yes golfers. Ireland boasts some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the world. It also has incredible cuisine, places of deep historical interest and a pub culture second to none. With all these attractions it is no wonder that it attracts golfers from all over the globe.

For those who want to enjoy some of the finest courses in Ireland here are a selection of the best.

1. K Club Resort.

This Kildare resort is simply stunning and boasts two courses Ithe Smurfit and Ryder Cup courses) each set amidst stunning surroundings. The Ryder Cup course was conceived and designed by Arnold Palmer and will challenge even the most experienced of golfer. It is regularly judged to be in the top three parkland-style courses in Ireland. Only 30 minutes from Dublin and within easy reach of the River Liffey the five-star hotel offers exceptional service and an ultra-luxurious experience.

2. Mount Juliet.

Designed by Jack Nicklaus this course has been attracting golfers since 1991. The fairways meander through Irish woodlands and offer a magical experience. According to Tiger Woods, the fairway are as close to perfect as could be wished for and the greens are superlative. The modern clubhouse also makes refreshments after your round of gold an absolute pleasure. It offers a challenge to both the novice and experienced golfer. It was recently voted the ‘Best Parkland Golf Course’ on the Emerald Isle by the ‘Golfers Guide to Ireland’.

3. Royal Dublin Golf Club.

There are few golf clubs in Ireland that boast a pedigree like that of the Royal Dublin Golf Club. It was established in 1885 by Sir John Lumsden – and is the countries second oldest club. The views as you tee off are simply stunning. The course overlooks the Dublin skyline and out over the ocean. This links course (designed in 1920 by Harry Coltwil) will test the skills and resolve of even the seasoned golfer. It has undergone significant upgrades to the original design. Lounge and dining facilities at the clubhouse contribute to a feeling of gentile luxury and welcome.

4. Trump International Golf Links.

Although U.S.President Donald Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there can be no argument that his Trump International Golf Links course is a wonderful example of what makes the Irish golfing experience so very special. The Trump Doonbeg course is stunning, and not only for its spectacular sea views along the coast of County Clare. The hotel accommodation at the resort is a superlative five-star experience. The spa is top class and the dining at the Ocean View restaurant overlooking Doughmore Bay is a sophisticated affair and the less formal bar and restaurant is the perfect setting to experience true Irish hospitality.

5. Tralee Golf Club.

This is one of the crown jewels of the Irish seaside links courses. Most famously the setting for the blockbuster ‘Ryan’s daughter’ the scenery will take your breath away. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer in 1984 and its gently rolling fairways, towering dunes and unforgiving rough and views make it one of the most challenging and attractive courses in Ireland. It is widely held to be one of the most stunning links courses anywhere in the world.

Golf Vacations in Ireland

One good local golf touring company that we recommend that you have a look at when booking your next vacation is Golf Vacations Ireland – tell them we sent you.

Ireland has much to offer the visitor. However, its golf courses are undoubtedly a factor in drawing increasing numbers of visitors to its shores. If you are in search of a superlative golfing experience then book your tee-off time at one of the world-class courses on the Emerald Isle.


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